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Latin American Studies Minor

Requirements for a minor in Latin American Studies:

+  Language: Either SPAN 2020 or PORT 2120, or the equivalent.

+  18 semester credit hours of courses in the Latin American field offered by the departments of Anthropology, Economics, English, French, Government and Foreign Affairs, History, Spanish, Italian, & Portuguese, and others. No more than 9 credits in a single department can be counted for the minor. Students must take courses in a minimum of three departments.

The Declaration Process

+  Complete Latin American Studies Program Minor form

+  Meet with the Director of Latin American Studies Program (LASP), Professor Eli Carter

+  Submit the signed declaration form to your School's registrar – Once it's signed by the director the white copy of the declaration form should be submitted to the registrar of your School. For the College of Arts & Sciences, the registrar’s office is located in Monroe Hall 106.  The declaration process isn't complete until your form is submitted to your School's registrar and your information is entered into the Student Information System (SIS).


Latin American Studies Program Minor form

For further information see the Director of Latin American Studies Program, Professor Eli Carter



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