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The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) promotes the multidisciplinary study of the Americas through its role in the University of Virginia’s Americas Center/Centro de las Américas.  The program brings together scholars from across schools and departments with expertise in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, and Peru, from the pre-conquest and colonial period to the present.  Thematic strengths include: colonial Latin America, indigenous peoples and indigeneity, cartography, frontiers, environmental studies, colonial and modern Latin American literature, social class and politics during the twentieth century, and film and media in Latin America.   LASP students take courses in a variety of languages spoken throughout the hemisphere, including English, K’iche’, Kreyòl, Portuguese, and Spanish.  LASP and the Americas Center coordinate conferences and faculty speaker series, which include both UVA faculty and visiting scholars from universities around the country and abroad, cultural events, and campus activities for students.  LASP offers an undergraduate major and a minor, and supports a range of study abroad programs that enrich student learning and cultural exchanges.