Latin American Studies: Past, Present, and Future

University of Virginia, October 13-14, 2016


Presenters will offer brief remarks about their pre-circulated papers, leaving the majority of the session open for discussion. Please find the papers available here:


13 October

Panel I. 12:30-14:45

Latin America, Africa, and the Atlantic World

Center for Global Inquiry, Hotel A


Hugh Cagle (University of Utah), “Imperial Tensions, Colonial Contours: Cultures of Healing and the Challenge of Area Studies Frameworks”

Pablo Gómez (University of Wisconsin), “Wondrous Bodies: Creating the New World in the Seventeenth Century Caribbean”

James H. Sweet (University of Wisconsin), “New Perspectives on African Languages and Ideas in Colonial Latin America”

Eileen Findlay (American University), “Thoughts from the Caribbean on Storytelling and Grand Narratives”


Chair: Anne-Garland Mahler (University of Virginia)


Coffee break


Panel II. 15:15-17:30

Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific World

Center for Global Inquiry, Hotel A


David Chang (University of Minnesota), “Extents and Limits of Power: A Hawaiian Chief, Indigenous Worlds, and the Fringes of Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, and British Empires in the Late Eighteenth Century”

Heidi Tinsman (University of California-Irvine), “Juramento de los Chinos-The Chinese Oath Interpreting the Chinese-Chilean Alliance in the War of the Pacific”

Jason Chang (University of Connecticut), “Antichinismo and The Racial Formation of Mestizo Nationalism in Mexico and El Salvador”

Camilla Fojas (University of Virginia), “TransAmericanPacific Partnerships and the New Global Area Studies”

Tamara Walker (Visiting Scholar, UVA Americas Center), “Africans in the World of the Pacific Ocean: Remapping the Boundaries of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Latin American History”


Chair: Ricardo Padrón (University of Virginia)



14 October

Panel III. 10:00-12:15

Latin American and Indigenous Studies

Center for Global Inquiry, Hotel A


Ivonne del Valle (University of California-Berkeley), “Vasco de Quiroga and Colonial Utopias in Michoacán”

Karin Rosemblatt (University of Maryland), “Mexican Anthropology and Inter-American Knowledge”

Arturo Arias (University of California-Merced), “From Indigenous Literatures to Native American and Indigenous Theorists: The Makings of a Grassroots Decoloniality”


Chair: Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia)



Panel IV. 14:00-17:30

Latin American Studies: Past, Present, Future

Center for Global Inquiry, Hotel A


Joanne Rappaport and Jafte Dilean Robles Lomeli (Georgetown University), “A Southern Alternative to Area Studies”

Florencia Mallon (University of Wisconsin), “America: From Archaeology to Genealogy”

Carmen Lamas (University of Virginia), “Latin American Studies from a Latina/o Studies Perspective”


Chairs: Anna Brickhouse (University of Virginia) and Tom Klubock (University of Virginia)


Plenary Session. 18:30-19:45

Nau Hall Auditorium, Room 101


Keynote address: Walter Mignolo (Duke University), “Decolonial Reflections on Hemispheric Partition: The Americas in the Colonial Horizon of Modernity”


Introduction: Allison Bigelow (University of Virginia)

Reception to follow