Thomas Klubock

Professor of History

Klubock (434) 924-6403 Email 281 Nau Hall
Ph.D., Yale University
M.A. and M.Phil.,Yale University
B.A., Haverford College

Thomas Klubock is Professor of History and Director of the University of Virginia Latin American Studies Program.  His research and teaching focus on modern Latin American history, with specializations in nineteenth and twentieth-century Chile, social and working-class history, the history of gender and sexuality, the history of nation and state formation, and environmental history.  His first book Contested Communities (Duke University Press, 1998) is a history of a working-class community in the world’s largest underground copper mine, Chile’s famous El Teniente mine.  It traces miners’ key role in national politics and examines the role played by gender in the process of class and state formation in the North American controlled mining sector.  His second book, La Frontera (Duke University Press, 2014), is a social and environmental history of Chile’s southern frontier territory. It narrates the intertwined social and ecological changes that shaped more than a century of frontier history following the defeat of independent Mapuche groups in the 1880s, examining conflicts among large estates, timber companies, Mapuche communities, and Mapuche and Chilean campesino small holders, squatters, and landless laborers over access to southern Chile´s temperate forests.  It places the signature success story of Chile recent “economic miracle,” the booming forestry sector, in the context of state efforts to use scientific forestry as a tool of settlement and frontier colonization, and more than a century of often violent confrontations over territory and forests in southern Chile.  Klubock is also a co-editor of The Chile Reader: History, Culture, Politics (Duke University Press, 2013), with Elizabeth Hutchison, Nara Milanich, and Peter Winn, and has co-edited four special issues of academic  journals on labor history and public history, labor and environmental history, gender and labor history, and truth commissions, state terror, history, and memory.


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Contested Communities: Class, Gender, and Politics in Chile's El Teniente Copper Mine, 1904-1951 (Durham: Duke University Press, 1998).

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