Distinguished Majors Program in Latin American Studies

Distinguished Majors Program in Latin American Studies

Distinguished Major Application

Latin American Studies Distinguished Majors


DMP Application Process


Any Latin American Studies major with a 3.4 GPA is eligible to apply to the DMP prgroam in Latin American Studies, but GPA alone will not bring automatic admission. Interest, dedication and past record will be taken into account. The last semester of the fourth year, a 3.4 GPA is an unconditional requirement in order to graduate with honors.

When to Apply

Students should apply to the Program by the second semester of their third year, or, in cases where the student plans to study abroad that semester, in the second semester of the second year. Admission will be granted by the DMP Advisor.

How to Apply

Students must fill out an application form plus secure a written recommendation from  a professor in the Latin American Studies program from any department.


DMP Students must write a thesis (in English, Spanish, or Portuguese), for which six hours of credit (three credits a semester for two semesters, fall and spring, during the fourth year) will be awarded.  These credits count towards the 30 credits required for the major.  DMP students will register for LAST 4993 (fall)and LAST 4999(spring). The thesis must have an interdisciplinary approach and must be approved by the director of Latin American Studies.  DMP students must also have two faculty members from different departments advise and direct their research for and preparation and writing of the thesis.   

Departmental recommendation for Distinction, High Distinction, and Highest Distinction will be based on:

  1. the quality of the student's thesis,
  2. the student's overall work in the DMP,
  3. the student's overall work in the major field of study, and
  4. the student's overall College record (minimum 3.4 GPA).


For further information contact, Professor Eli Carter

Distinguished Major Application