Callie Murray


Callie Murray is a third year double major in Latin American and Global Development Studies. The first thing you will learn about her is that she loves live music and is a total foodie. This leads her to discover new people and places in her adventures abroad. She participated in the Falmouth Field School of Tangible Heritage (Summer 2014) and interned in London at The Prince's Regeneration Trust (Summer 2015). While studying architecture and archaeology in Jamaica, she became interested in Caribbean studies and later learned about this major from a friend in the University Salsa Club. Thanks to LAS, she discovered her passion for any and all things related to Cuba, especially the country's history and culture. She hopes to visit one day and explore the island's uniquely preserved natural environment. She is currently studying abroad in San José, Costa Rica (Spring Semester 2016) doing language immersion as well as environmental studies. She hopes to pursue a career in bilingual and/or international education.